Film And Video Productions

Whether you are in need of a commercial to promote your business, want to film a documentary to make a difference in the world or have your own narrative story to tell, we can assist you with all of your filmmaking projects.  We offer comprehensive services from pre-production through post-production.


  • Acting:  We have experienced actors available to meet your needs.


  • Behind the Scenes Coverage:  From still photography to HD video, our experienced team will document what happens behind the scenes on your project.


  • Commercial Projects:  Need a commercial to air for your business?  Want to add video content to your website?  We can do that!


  • Directing:  Our directors would love to have the opportunity to command outstanding performances for your project.


  • Documentary Filmmaking:   From capturing current events to documenting untold stories, we are passionate about documentary film.


  • Editing:  With professional quality editing equipment and software, our editors will deliver an outstanding cut of your project, in whatever medium you desire.


  • Filming:  We will immortalize on film, in HD 1080p, whatever you desire to shoot.


  • Idea Development:  Want help moving your brilliant idea forward?  We are here to assist you with the process.


  • Lighting: We can light your project with moody atmospheres or brilliant daylight, whatever your need.


  • Live Events:  Whether it’s capturing your wedding, live performance, or event, we’ve got you covered.  We are also skilled at live event production.


  • Narrative Filmmaking:  Have a creative idea for a film you must see on the screen?  We can help you see it to fruition.


  • Producing:  Our production team is available to produce all types of projects, large and small.


  • Scripting (Writing):  Our writing team can aid you in getting your idea in print.


  • Sound Recording:  Our sound team will capture superior quality sound in whatever capacity you require.


  • Television:  Internet or broadcast, we can aid you in filming your program.



From documentaries to commercials, live events to independent narrative films, we are All of the Above Productions, LLC.